JKG International School Vijay Nagar

Our Core Values

We believe that wisdom comes from grounding in ethics and the ability to apply knowledge appropriately.


The first institute in the city to introduce and implement Inclusive Education 3.0 across its schools.

Our Mission

To encourage each child to develop a strong positive sense of self.

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Our Classes

Our preschool program has six dedicated classes


How to bring holistic developers in kids?

Education has become an ongoing process dedicated to the progress of life. It is an integral part of the growth and development of a child's mental, physical, emotional and cognitive aspects.

To bring an all round development in kids it is important to take a child's passion and turn it into a learning opportunity by creating a comfortable and friendly environment for children to connect and be themselves in. By giving them opportunities to experience with various activities across a period of time and extending their ideas. Encouraging them to try and develop their skills.

Be a Friend of Mathematics

Afraid of mathematics, why? Either you do not have confidence in yourself or your basics of maths are not clear. So if you want maths to be your friend, then do not be afraid of it. Start solving small sums then move towards complex one. Once you will start solving small sums this will definitely boost your confidence and will create a positive outlook towards maths.

Basics are the foundation of maths, so first of all is be clear with all the basics. Now the question arises, “How to clear basics of maths?” the answer is, start asking questions, like- “Why we are using a particular formula for solving a particular problem?”, “How the formula is derived?”, etc. This will create interest in the subject. Also start practicing the questions, the more you practice, the more clarity you will get of the subject. Once you got your basics cleared, try to apply and link its application in daily life. So this way slowly and gradually you will be able to make maths your friend.