Request to Parents

Educate your child to:

maintain good personal hygiene.
wash hands frequently using soap and water or use a sanitiser.
cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or flexed elbow while sneezing.
not touch any objects or their face after coughing or sneezing.
keep a hand sanitiser
wear mask

Request to Students

On leaving home:
wear a mask at all times.
maintain 6ft physical distance as far as feasible.
carry own equipment.
keep a sanitiser in your bag.

Wearing the mask correctly:
wash your hands before touching the mask.
cover your mouth, nose and chin.
secure the elastic bands around the ears.

Things to remember:
Share hygiene habits with your family and friends, especially younger children to help prevent transmission. If you are feeling worried, anxious or sad, talk to someone that you trust, like your parents or a teacher so that they can help you keep yourself, your family and your school safe.