To ensure safe travel of your ward school has its own fleet of school buses as per the standards and manned by trained drivers, helpers with GPS tracking.

Mobile phones have been provided in each bus that ensures better communication in case of emergencies. To ensure the implementation of safety norms in an efficient manner all buses have trained staff to provide first aid. Presence of lady support staff or lady teacher in the school transport.


The health, Safety and well being of every child are our paramount concern. Our aim is to provide a safe learning environment to our students.

1. School is under continuous CCTV surveillance.
2. Senior teacher’s are assigned duties on vantage points during the school start time , intervals and dispersal.
3. Outsider /Visitor pass with records.
4. Supervision form to pick and drop the child.
5. Workshops on behaviour management of all stake holders.
6. Discipline policy has been adopted to ensure safety for all. For details refer almanac.